How to Make Custom Postage Stamps

Sending letters and cards with a custom postage stamp on the envelope adds a personal feel. Currently, the USPS partners with four different companies that allow you to upload your own photographs and graphics for use on the stamps. Each one operates slightly differently and some have graphics libraries where you can choose things like logos from your favorite teams.





Order custom stamps from Picture It Postage. Users can create customized postage in quantities up to 3,000. You can also choose a matching background to the photograph.

Order custom stamps from Photo Stamps, which offers free shipping and has a large selection of collegiate logos, mascots and professional sports teams. You can also use your own photograph.

Where To Buy Custom Postage Stamps

There are a ton of great locations you can buy custom postable stamps. We suggest using Zazzle or going directly from the USPS website. For more information, read more here. Customize your postage stamps with Zazzle. The company offers an option for those who need fast stamps and ships within 48 hours of ordering. A number of postage sizes and denominations are available. You can either use your own photograph or choose one from their extensive image library.

Order custom stamps from Pitney Bowes. This company allows you to specialize text and color of the stamp borders. The company has no image library, but you can use any of your own digital photographs.


Regardless of the company you choose, you’ll need to create an online account. Doing this is slightly different with each business, with easy-to-follow instructions on each website.

Have your credit card ready to pay for the order.


Homemade Greeting Card Ideas from 1960: Feather and Postage Stamp Picture Cards

(Making your own greeting cards has exploded in popularity over the last few years, mainly through the advent of stamping. But we sometimes forget that making your own greeting cards has been popular for decades. As a bookseller I have the privilege of coming across a wide variety of books; my latest treasure I just discovered on my shelves is “How to Make and Have Fun with Greeting Cards” by Joseph Leeming published in 1960. Now Mr. Leeming didn’t have access to the same technology and materials that we do, so he had to be, in my personal opinion, much more creative in his ideas.)
In this article I will describe how you can use feathers and postage stamps to create and decorate your greeting cards.

Feather Picture Cards
In 1960, people did not have access to all the colorful craft feathers that we do, so the author recommended that crafters use feathers from white chickens, pet birds (such as parakeets), and found feathers from wild birds. To add color to the feathers, wash white feathers carefully in a mild soap solution, allow to dry completely, then dye them using ordinary fabric dye. Though Mr. Leeming does not mention this, for sanitary reasons I would recommend that any found feathers (either from the wild or pets) are washed and dried in this fashion before using.

Feathers can add a lovely color and texture to your cards. They can be used to make beautiful pictures of flowers, butterflies, or birds. If you need ideas for pictures, flower or seed catalogs are a good source, as are reference books on butterflies or birds borrowed from your library. Try sketching the outline of your picture on your card first, then glue the feathers next. Backgrounds can be colored with crayons, colored pencil, or painted with water colors. Extra little touches can be added using black ink, sequins, buttons, or pieces of pipe cleaners.

Postage Stamp Picture Cards
The crafter of today (2009) may have difficulty finding enough canceled postage stamps to make many greeting cards. In 1960 letter writing was much more popular and the advent of the basic (and boring) white postage strip was still some time in the future. But if you do have access to canceled postage stamps (and you have verified that they have no collector or monetary value) you may enjoy using them to decorate your greeting cards.

First, to remove the stamps from any envelopes, soak them, dry them flat and sort them by colors. Use small scissors, like manicure scissors, to cut the stamps into smaller shapes. As with the feather cards, consider sketching the picture on your card first, then gluing on the different stamp embellishments. One easy way to make a simple flower using postage stamps is to take five stamps of the same size, fold them in half, and cut them to make petals. Cut a circle from another stamp to make the center of the flower and paste the petal pieces around it.

Because you may be working with very small pieces of stamps for decorating, you may find it easier to work with them by putting a small piece of paste or glue on the end of a toothpick, then lift up the piece with the toothpick. Put the piece face down on your left forefinger (if your right-handed, use your right forefinger if your left-handed) and apply paste on the backside of the stamp. Finally, still using your toothpick, place the small piece where you want it on your card. Use a soft cloth or piece of wax paper to remove any excess glue or paste.

One kind of postage stamp greeting card I thought was particularly clever that Mr. Leeming used in an illustration for his book was of an Easter egg for an Easter card. The crafter put overlapping postage stamps on the egg shape, then trimmed the egg with some kind of craft ribbon and glued the egg next to a large outline of the Easter bunny. I can see using that same technique to decorate simple shapes like rectangular birthday presents or Christmas ornaments for a Christmas card.


Joseph Lemming. How to Make and Have Fun with Greeting Cards

Post Office Considers Selling ‘Forever Stamps’

No company has promised us that something will be good forever. The U.S. Post Office may change that soon.
The Postal Regulatory Commission has proposed the “forever postage stamp price.” If you buy the stamp at a certain price, it will still work if the price of a stamp goes up.

Right now, a stamp costs 39 cents. The commission also proposed an increase to 41 cents. Under the current system, you would need to purchase 2-cent stamps in order to keep your old stamps from becoming obsolete.

forever stamp

When the price of stamps go up, the price of a forever stamp would also increase. The key is to buy the forever stamps and then hang onto them until after the price increases.

What about the concept of forever? Do we really think these stamps will be valid forever? Well, maybe they are.

People will always need the Postal Service; and as long as America is a country, those stamps could still be valid.

However, let’s be realistic for a second. The price of stamps only increases a penny or two every few years. So in order to get any real value out of them, you would have to hang onto these things as if they were rare baseball cards.

In addition, the proposed postal changes would offer a break to those who are sending oversize letters. Currently, additional ounces of a letter costs 24 cents, but that cost would drop to 17 cents.

Before the idea can become official, the post office’s Board of Governors would have to give its approval.

However, the idea of ‘forever’ stamps brings up the question: What other forever products would get a good reaction from consumers?

FOREVER FASHION – Whether it’s a dress, a hat or a handbag, it goes with everything – and it never goes out of style.

FOREVER GAS CARD – If gas costs $2 per gallon when you buy this card, you can always use it and get gas for that price. This would come in handy when gas costs $4 per gallon.

FOREVER AUTO INSURANCE – Suppose you buy insurance for $500 a year. Even if you get into three accidents, your rates won’t go up the following year.

I think the post office is onto something, and I demand that everything I buy from now on must last forever. Hey, the customer is always right.